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Premium ingredients blended in perfect proportions to bring homestyle Mexican cuisine right to your kitchen. 

The Lito's Story

Hola! My name is Lito...

Short for Abuelito, which means Grandfather in Spanish. This is what my family and friends have called me for years which is where “Lito’s Cocina” (Grandpa's Kitchen) came from. I haven’t always been a grandfather, so let me take you back to where our story begins.

Many years ago...

At the mere age of three, the Lito’s story began playing on the kitchen floor in a small home on the south side of San Antonio, Texas.

Growing up in a large family where both of my parents worked, most of our family time together was spent around the dinner table enjoying my mother’s delicious home cooked meals

Her meals were so good...

that people from all over the neighborhood would come to eat dinner with us.

One day at dinner, my parents told us that they were going to start a restaurant and serve the same delicious meals she cooked at home. She always reminded us that, “the best way to bring a family together is through the delicious meal”.

Taking these words to heart, I worked nights and weekends in the restaurant kitchen with my mother and sharing this labor of love with her.

As time went on...

I went to college to get my degree in engineering, had a wonderful career, and eventually my parents retired. During those many years, I began to see that the only way to get a quality authentic Mexican dinner was at a local restaurant because the home cooked recipes required many different spices you had to buy individually that you might never use again. 

Many years after playing on the kitchen floor...

I found myself back in the kitchen where Lito’s Cocina was born. This time channeling my engineering experience to create perfectly proportioned spice mixes so you and your loved ones can easily enjoy a delicious Mexican meal right in the comfort of your home.

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